Application and Administration

The most effective wound dressing to enhance the debridement of wounds of any kind.
Controls infections and inflammation to prevent septicemia.
No advance cleaning of wounds is necessary before the Chemspunge Wound Dressing is applied.

The secret in wound care is to lift oedema as soon as possible to create a less acceptable environment for bacteria growth.
Advanced cleaning or scrubbing of wounds destructs granulation and destroys healthy tissue and veins.
The Chemspunge Wound Dressing promotes Natural Healing.

The adsorption capacity of the product stimulates blood flow to the wound area, which is very important to enhance granulation.
We believe, it is important not to disturb new granulating tissue.

Therefore cleaning of the wounds is not recommended because:
Swabbing disturbs granulating cells (damaging new cells)
Patients might be allergic to cleaning agents.
It is painful to the patients.
Do not wash open wounds in tap water, it is not sterile.
Do not use liquid or additional products with the Wound Dressing. 

Mode of action:

Necrotic collagen anchoring debris to the wound disintegrates and is absorbed by Chemspunge. (No cleaning of the wound is required, the wound is cleaned through osmotic pressure)

Change Dressing only when saturated
For the treatment of cavity wounds, insert the Plugs into cavities and seal them with a Dressing. 
Insert more plugs as debridement takes place. 
The dressing promotes blood circulation to the wound area 

After debridement epithelial cells, blood vessels and granulation tissue continue to fill the wound cavity.
The dressing remains wet as long as fluids escape from the wound, preventing adhering conditions. Remove plugs as granulation takes place to enhance granulation.
If the dressing sticks to the wound it is in working condition.
Remove only when saturated 

Continue with the dressing until the wound has healed.
At this stage, it is appropriate to cover the wound with a few layers of non-adherent gauze before the dressing is applied.
Dressing can stay on for up to 7 days.

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