Types of Burns


Burns can be defined as any injury to tissues of the body caused by heat, electricity, friction, chemicals, radiation, gases and fuel.
The extent of the injury is determined by the length of exposure to the causative agent and the nature of that agent.
The survival of the patient is related to the extent and degree of the burn and the age of the patient.
Approximately half of the burn injuries are scalds.
Injuries to the tissue resulting from the application of heat can cause partial or complete destruction of the skin and underlying tissues.



Only the epidermis is involved.
The skin surface is unbroken.
There is no loss of tissue but there is pain.
Apply SeptiCure Burn Dressing to lift oedema.
The dressing remains on the affected area for 24 hours.


The epidermis and part of the dermis are destroyed.
The skin blisters and the surrounding areas are usually flushed and swollen.
Blisters may develop several hours after the accident.
It is normally very painful.

Seek medical assistance.
Cover the affected area with SeptiCure Burn Dressings till the debris is lifted.
Thereafter 2-3 days.
Adhere or bandage if needed.
Dressing changes every 24 hours.
Do not allow tap water into open wounds.
Do not scrub wounds to remove slough.
Change dressing only.
Do not bathe the patient.


The full thickness of the skin is penetrated, including the epidermis, dermis and underlying structures such as fat, muscle, tendons and in some cases up to the bone level.
The areas appear charred and are characterized by a dry leathery appearance.
Veins may be visible and thromboses may occur.
Sensory nerve endings in the dermis are destroyed and the patient is unlikely to feel any pain except at the wound edges.

Full-thickness burns are normally caused by immersion in hot liquids, flames, electricity or chemicals.
The patient will be in a status of shock.
Start with SeptiCure Burn Dressing as soon as possible to deslough the wound.

Assess the size of the burn in order to estimate the fluid loss.
Burns up to 30% or more of the body can be life-threatening.
These wounds can be deceptive.
The burn may often be much deeper and wider than it appears visually.
Dead tissue cannot be visualized.
SeptiCure Burn Dressing will move the debris to the surface of the wound to prevent sepsis.
Electric Burns:- cause extensive damage to the muscle, arteries and veins.
Commence with first aid treatment and seek medical help.
Chemical, acid or alkali Burns:- caused by the nature of material rather than heat.
Acid and alkalis are absorbed into the tissue and the burn may deepen unless they are rapidly neutralized.
Use milk to wash and rinse the affected areas as soon as possible.

Apply SeptiCure Burn Dressing to lift oedema until the clinician prescribes further treatment.
Chemspunge Cavity Plugs for the treatment of burned ears, between fingers or cavities.

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